Image of Test Press - Hanover Saints- Surfin With Vamps Vol 1 & Vol 2  2 xLP

Test Press - Hanover Saints- Surfin With Vamps Vol 1 & Vol 2 2 xLP


Hanover Saints- Surfin WIth Vamps Vol 1 & Vol 2 Test Press
Volume 1 And Volume 2 Double LP - 30 Songs Total!
Limited to 5 copies on Black Vinyl

Volume 1 material appeared on Blood Guts and Glory and Murdertown releases. The material was initially supposed to come out as one record but due to record label shenanigans, it had to appear as two releases. This material has been remastered and resequenced and sounds better than ever! First Time Ever on Vinyl

Volume 1 Tracklist
Side A
New War Same War
Let the Dogs Bark
78 Cheat
Writing On The Wall
Brainwashed Youth

Side B
Lights Out
The Crosshairs
Blood Guts And Glory
Cheap Plastic Heroes
Vamps. Vs. The Bottomline
My Stereo
Braxton Hicks
Hell On Earth

Volume 2 material originally appeared on the Bitter Pills EP, and a collection of songs from eps, and hidden secret tracks. Remastered and First Time Ever on Vinyl !
Amazing Artwork By Matt K. Shrugg

Volume 2 TrackList
Side C
Bitter Pills
Can I Get A Witness
Sound Hits The Ground
Nailed To the Letter
The Crosshairs

Side D
The Last Stand
Looking Down A Barrel
Just Look Around
Won't Fool Us Again
*Mystery Track 1
* Mystery Track 2
*Mystery Track 3
*Mystery Track 4

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